Characterized by a contraction of one or both joints of the toes, hammertoes are a common foot problem.  This condition may cause difficulties wearing some shoes, which often exacerbate the problem. If you suffer from hammertoes, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms: 

Corns between toes or on the top, side or end of the toes. Corns are a buildup of thickened skin caused by friction at the contact point between the toe and shoe. 

Callouses on the bottom of toes or on the ball of the foot. Callouses are thickened areas of skin from pressure/friction. 

Pain or irritation when the toes come into contact with the shoe. 

Hammertoes and their symptoms generally worsen over time, as the friction between the foot and footwear becomes more severe.  If left untreated, the toes can become permanently bent or contracted and open sores may form. If you are suffering from this condition, it is important to seek help and avoid over the counter "medicated" pads.  The "medication" in these pads is simply an acid which often makes things worse. Proper treatment options include changing footwear, padding the corns and callouses that form, trimming/shaving the corns and calluses, custom orthotic footwear or devices, anti-inflammatory medications,  Surgery to straighten/shorten the toes is recommended in some cases. Contact us today to discuss your hammertoe problem and we will begin finding a viable treatment option right away.

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