There are often pains in the foot that can’t initially be explained. Since they are extremely frustrating, they do need to be identified and properly treated. One such ailment is called sesamoiditis. This generally refers to an inflammation of the sesamoid bones on the ball of the foot just behind the big toe. 

Generally, most bones in our body are connected to each other by joints.  However, there are a few that are connected only to tendons or are embedded in muscle.  These bones are called sesamoids. Because the sesamoids protrude down, underneath the “big toe,” they give these muscles extra leverage and power.  This power allows the big toe to “push” us forward with extra force each time we take a step.  Without the sesamoids, the big toe loses some of its power and force. 

Sesamoiditis can generally be identified form other foot ailments due to its gradual onset of symptoms just beneath the big toe. 

The most common symptoms include: 

 - The area is tender when direct pressure is applied.
 - Mild/moderate pain occurs when walking barefoot or in thin soled shoes and worsens while running or jumping.
 - Pain is often alleviated quickly with rest.
 - In later stages,  the pain becomes chronic and more constant.

Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the ailment.  Dr. Foucher would be happy to discuss the best treatment for you.

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